Sunday, May 3, 2009

Derby Day Doings

Yesterday afternoon as I was cutting the borders for One block Wonder, The Derby pre-show was playing on the TV. Every year when I watch the Derby, I look forward to the day when my husband won't have to work on Saturday at his family's restaurant and we can have a Derby Day party. When we finally get to have that party, I have a collection of Kentucky Derby mint julep glasses that I have been acquiring for about 10 years. I always enjoy Mark's features on his various collections in Quilter's Home Magazine so I thought I'd share mine.

I currently have a total of 35 glasses. They take up two full shelves crammed together in the curio cabinet. The one on the left was my first acquisition. My husband brought it home when he went to the Derby with his Dad in 1991. The second is the oldest one from 1964. The next is the newest one purchased at Delaware Park last summer when our mare Tayazi raced. The last two are my favorites, the "Rose Glass" from 1986 and the one from 1973 when Secretariat won. This was soon after I met my husband and I started learning about Thoroughbred racing. He got his trainer's liscense in 1976 and won with the first horse he saddled, a mare named Culinary Art. A very ironic name considering she was purchased with money made from a restaurant! We have bred and raised about 15 foals over the years and claimed a number of other horses. There is nothing more exiting and nerve wracking than waiting for a mare to give birth except maybe watching the baby you raised cross the finish line first.

This year's Derby was the ultimate illustration of why people get into Thoroughbred racing. A horse purchased for less than $10,000 left the multimillion dollar babies in the dust! It's not very likely, but dreaming and hoping it can happen to you is a lot of fun.

My other Derby Day activity was starting my collection of selvages to use when I make projects from Karen Griska's book Quilts from the Selvage Edge. Check out her blog at You will be amazed at the things people do with stuff that you usually just toss in the garbage. Before you cut another piece of fabric, cut a 1 1/2" strip off the selvage edge and start saving them!

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