Monday, November 30, 2009

40th anniversay of becoming a craftoholic

Last year at this time I was obsessed with knitting. I completed a few projects but kept thinking crocheting was easier and faster for me. A few months ago, I spent a good chunk of money on some gorgeous yarn to knit a vest for myself. The yarn was royal purple Zara and a blue and purple multi color Mistero shown above. When I tried to knit with it, I became so frustrated I wanted to cry. The yarn goes from a single thread to fatter and fuzzier than worsted yarn and the slubs make it very difficult to pull loops through loops. I came across this interesting crocheted scarf pattern by Bernat and decided to use it instead of knitting the vest. I finished it over Thankisgiving break and I'm really pleased with how it came out. I also found a sweater on sale in the perfect color to wear under it. Here's the scarf on the sweater as I wore it the first day back to school after vacation. As I was finishing, I realized it had been 40 whole years since my Mom gave me a kit for Christmas to crochet a vest which was very trendy in those hippie years.
I was bitten by the craft bug and have been obsessed with projects ever since. Thanks Mom, I think! My daughters seem to have inherited the teacher gene but they definitely did not get the crafting gene.

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