Monday, June 7, 2010

Introducing my new Granddogs

With everything my daughter has to deal with with planning her wedding, she is also getting two new puppies as soon as school is over. I am already a Grandma to her dachshund Sammy who lives at our house with his cousin Frank. She wants a Borzoi who is going to be named Wolfschmidt and her fiance Braun wanted a Great Dane because that is what he grew up with. The Great Dane puppy is going to be Merliquin after the name of his coat pattern. I said he should be just Merlin like the wizard, but who ever listens to their Mother! Part of me thinks she's nuts and the other part of me is looking forward to playing with these cute, new doggies! These two will definitely only be visiting my house!

1 comment:

  1. Janet, they are soooo cute! Adorable. I love my doggie and can hardly remember when he was a puppy! Enjoy it now, they grow fast! Stephanie