Thursday, May 10, 2012

Historical Knitting Project

I bought this knitting magazine a few weeks ago because the cover led me to believe there were Fair Isle patterns in it. When I started reading, I saw that it was all articles about historical items of clothing that were knitted. I showed it to a History teacher that I work with who is very involved in Revolutionary War re-enacting and he was very interested in the article about the "Monmouth Cap." I was surprised that he actually had one and he said that he had some fellow re-enactors that might pay for one! Apparently these hats go all the way back to the 1600s. They were worn by knights under their chain mail and later by soldiers and sailors. The gray hat on the bottom in the picture is the one I made and the other is Steve's hat that he already had. It is made of pure wool and has a folded up lower edge that when folded up again like a regular sock hat must make it really warm. I think I might make my husband one for plowing season next winter.

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