Monday, March 18, 2013

Blogging From My IPad

It has been a long time! I finally got squared away with accessing my blog from my IPad so finally I can post again. So much happened since my last post, mainly Hurricane Sandy. All the sewing and decorating I was planning for the Point Pleasant house is in limbo. The first floor has been gutted and most of the furniture tossed due to a foot and a half of water in the house. I keep reminding myself that many people are still homeless and have lost everything. I took everything I could up to the second floor of the house the day before the storm hit. It won't happen right away but right now I think the ultimate fate of the house will be to get torn down by someone who will build a huge house on the lot since it is on the water. I guess we will focus on making it livable until my family decides it isn't worth hanging onto. This is my most recently completed quilt. It was made for my nephew Gary and his wife Sarah's new baby girl named Payton.

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