Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Common Threads Challenge

Every year my guild does a small challenge quilt that gets shared and voted on at our annual quilt airing in the Fall. Usually there is a theme and a fat quarter of fabric that needs to be incorporated into the quilt. In the past, I have had ideas but never managed to bring them to fruition. This year was a completely different approach and I am surprisingly already finished with the top! The instructions were to use 3 to 5 of your initials and then get paint chips with names that start with those letters. Then choose a quilt block and get fabrics with the same color and value of the paint chips. Coming up with the chips in an appealing color scheme with the initials was a challenge! Also, explaining what you were doing to the person in the paint store was challenging too. Using the initials J, G, C and B I came up with 3 different color schemes and headed to the quilt store. This was the scheme I settled on. The colors are jeweled peach, gerbera daisy, cayman blue and banana yellow. I can't show the quilt until after the show, it's supposed to be a secret whose quilt is whose.

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