Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Friend Susan is Back!

. I have a friend, Sue Goldfarb who was my very first collaborative teaching partner. She was just out of Cook College at Rutgers and started the Environmental Science Program at Mendham High. About 8 years ago she left MHS and moved into New York City. It was fun to visit her and it taught me to navigate in the city which I was previously petrified of doing. I missed her very much and then she made it even worse. She moved to California! Last Spring I got an email from her that made my day, she was coming back to New Jersey! We've had a few visits this Summer and it was so great to catch up and see her and her children again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have an opening in the Science Dept. and we can get her back at Mendham. The photograph here is a quilt that I made for her as a going away present when she left for NYC. It was the first time I actually designed a quilt myself. I called it "Earth in Harmony" since she is an environmentalist and has a true Earth Mother personality. It's difficult to see in the picture but the little squares that make up the yin yang are fussy cut animals of every kind and the blue print is an ocean scene. This is still one of my favorites of all the quilts that I have made.

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