Monday, September 28, 2015

Trying Fair Isle Again

A few years ago I tried to do Fair Isle color work and was only marginally successful.  This time I got a Craftsy class and my knitting world has been changed forever.  Last time I tried keeping the colors over my index and middle finger on my left hand since I knit continental.  The yarn kept tangling and it puckered quite a bit.  This video advocated keeping one color in each hand so I tried to do continental with my left and English or throwing with my right.  I am extremely right handed so I figured it wouldn't be too much of a transition.  I was wrong!  I was super clutzy at first with throwing but I was determined.  I kept trying to do only that until I was somewhat good at it and then I combined the two on a practice swatch with a simple pattern of color switching.  When I was satisfied with my progress I started this hat.  My tensioning got much better by the time I reached the the white pattern at the top.  The light blue yarn was somewhat thicker than the gray even though they were both labeled 4 and this did not help.  Still, I'm pretty pleased with my first effort.  I started another to try and fix the issues I had with this one. Then I may be ready to make a whole sweater or a pair of fancy mittens for myself!

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