Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chemical Inspiration

I am continually amazed at the unusual places I can get inspiration for quilting if I keep my eyes and mind open to them. Who would ever think you could find it in Chemistry class in crystalized cocktails!

This is Dave Foster. I was the In-class Support teacher with him in Chemistry last year. He is a brialliant, hysterically funny man who makes Chemistry fascinating and fun. One day the pattern on his tie seen in the picture attracted my attention. He told me it was a crystallized representation of scotch and water.

Later that day I found the website for the company that made the tie and I was amazed at all the beautiful images. Here is a sampling of the ones that visually appealed to me and that I thought I could interpret in fabric. Even though some of the compounds have negative connotations to me, I still liked the images. Check out the website and see which drink, drug (legal or illegal) or chemical inspires you.




lasix -we used to give this to our race horses to make them run faster

vodka and tonic


There are many, many more on the website. I guarantee you will be amazed and enthralled!

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