Monday, June 8, 2009

A fun horse for me, finally!

I feel like I should have been sewing this weekend but the weather was so beautiful, I couldn't pass up a chance to ride. This is my daughter's roan quarter horse Jump to Conclusions aka Clue. She bought him a few years ago and showed him in Beginner Hunter and Pre-Adult Hunter classes. She hasn't been riding or showing much this Spring so I've been trying to get on him whenever I can. After 30 years of having horses with my husband, I am so happy to have a horse that is fun and easy to ride for me. I have always been stuck with his crazy racetrack rejects or riding my kids show ponies for them. Clue is quiet and sweet even if you haven't been on his back for months. He can jump 2'6" and does automatic flying lead changes. My plan is to finally ride consistently this year and get so that I can trail ride him and even have lessons with my daughter's trainer jumping a small course of fences. I haven't done this since I was in my 30's! I'm even going to start giving her money in installments so he is either partially or all mine so that when she doesn't want him anymore, I can keep him for myself! Stay tuned for pictures over fences. I estimate a week or two!

1 comment:

  1. He does seem calm - like he might fall asleep before you even get the picture taken! LOL I like working with horses that you don't have to argue with over every step.