Monday, June 15, 2009

New Jersey State Guild Quilt Expo

Here are the pics I took on Saturday. I got there a little late but I still saw all the quilts and spent more money than I should have. However, I'm well stocked for the summer when I can sew everday if I want to!

This quilt was done by Lacey Hill . I loved the cityscape fabric and the interesting use of black, white and yellow. I'd like to make a quilt with these colors for my daughter sometime. She coaches tennis at Hanover Park High School and their colors are black and yellow.

I really like the 3-D edges of these Dresden Plate motifs. It was an interesting spin on a very traditional pattern. It was done by Dawn Hayes.

Adeline Hart made this one. I was intrigued by the concept of the quilt more than the actual quilt itself. I would put pictures of people or places you went on a trip and make the angles of the olded cards a little smaller to get more depth.

This was an amazing landscape quilt by Linda Vizi. Another maybe someday idea to make for the shore house. Landscape quilts are really appealing to me. I even have a collection of fabrics to make one but like I said, it's still on the someday list.

I loved the abstract quality and uneven edges of this quilt which was done by Jane Lange . It makes me want to break out of traditional pieced blocks and rectangular borders and bindings. I have to work on this!

This quilt inspired me to try to start using fabrics that I wouldn't normally choose to go together. In addition to wanting things symmetrical, I also tend to want my fabrics to be matchy matchy. I'm learning that the really interesting designs don't do this and taking risks with colors and patterns really gives you something spectacular with the end result. This was done by Carol Benner. She had a comment from the workshop she took with Kaffe Fasset. She said his words of wisdom were, "Keep it simple, keep it calm."

I saw the technique used on this piece on an episode of Fons & Porter. However, I liked the effect she added of the foreground/background of looking through the garden fence. This one was also done by Lacey Hill. I guess I'm a fan of her work. I'll have to keep an eye out for her stuff in the future.

When I first looked at this quilt, I was kind of puzzled as to how it won a ribbon. Then I read the paper posted next to it and it was made by Caitlyn Campbell who is only 10 years old! Way to go Caitlyn. Can you imagine the work she'll be doing by the time she's 50?!!!

And last but certainly not least, the quilt that won Best in Show by Anna Faustino. I hope you liked my view of the show. I really love to see photos on other blogs of shows I couldn't possibly attend. It's another great thing about blogging.

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