Monday, October 26, 2009

Bubble Gum and Licorice takes shape

One of my favorite color combos lately is hot pink and black so I decided to make a quilt using these colors. I have been collecting fat quarters in bright pink, white on black and black on white for a while. I played with various geometric designs with my EQ5 program but couldn't get excited about any of the designs. When my guild had its show a few weeks ago, I liked the idea of a quilt made by Sherry Cowley. She pieced various widths of horizontal strips and put a narrow ruffle on top of the seams across the quilt. Hers was done in very muted colors but I thought the design would be good for the high contrast of pink, black and white. Here are some of the strips I pieced this past week.

The ruffles between the strips will be white on black fabrics and I'm thinking of trying to couch hot pink cording along the stiching lines in the center of the ruffles.

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