Monday, October 26, 2009

Kindergarten Pumpkin Picking Trip

Last Thursday, 4 kindergarten classes from Seth Boyden Elementary in Maplewood came to our farm for their annual pumpking picking field trip. This is the second year we have done this for the kids and it is more fun every year. Here I am waving hi to the kids as the buses arrive. I tried not give it away but the kids kept asking if I was Miss Brady's Mother.

Farmer Brady helps the kids onto the hay wagon before they depart on the haunted hayride around our training track for the horses.
A zombie on the haunted hayride played by Kelly's fiance Braun. His mask flipped up to expose his brain, a real crowd pleaser!

My two daughters who definitely got my teaching gene. Colleen on the left teaches English and coaches tennis at Hanover Park High School and Kelly is the kindergarten teacher.

Here the kids are waiting to go from picking pumpkins in our faux pumpkin patch to the next activity station.

Jack-o-lantern sack races. Sorry, I couldn't make the picture any bigger.

Carrying their pumpkins to class as they arrived back at school. We are already planning for next year's trip. My nephew Tommy who dresses like a werewolf is planning on constructing a hut to "live in" on the haunted hayride. The only sad thing is that we probably will never get another day as nice as this one was - 70 degrees, bright sunshine and no wind late in October.

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