Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Licorice and Bubblegum Surface Embellishment

I haven't posted in a while because I couldn't find my digital camera. Last night while I was packing up for the next day, I went in a rarely used tote bag and there was the digital camera I thought was lost or stolen before I bought the one I currently can't find. I guess I will find the new one the same way when I give up looking for it. Anyway, I have been wanting to take a picture of the whole top of the pink and black quilt to post it. Here it is.

After it is quilted, the black ruffles will be sewn onto each seam line between the pink and white bands as shown below. I got an inspiration for quilting it from Leah Day's blog 365 Days of Free Motion Quilt Designs. Scroll down to my reading list on the right hand side for a link to her blog and be inspired!

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