Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Color Scheme for Kelly's Wedding

Back in August, we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses and the girls picked out a tiffany blue Melissa Sweet dress. The other day Kelly showed me this dress and said she wanted to change to a pallette of black and white with accents of spring green. Normally I wouldn't like these colors, but I love it for a late summer wedding. I wasn't that excited about getting ready for the tiffany blue because I didn't have a vision for the decor. Now I do and I'm really psyched! Even though the dresses are a floral print, everything else black and white will be damask. Here's a picture of the gown the bridesmaids will now be wearing. It is from the Dessy Collection by Vivian Diamond.

The dress below is the one I'm currently thinking about for me. I hope the colors aren't too different when I see it in person and that it looks halfway decent on me. I've lost some weight since I've been running so I've got my fingers crossed. The countdown to August 14th has begun!

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