Monday, January 4, 2010

Countdown to the Wedding!

Now that Christmas is over, wedding prep will really kick into high gear. I was thinking of all the sewing I need to do outside of school and then I realized it's annual review time in school which means rewriting all my student's IEPs. What fun! Not!

I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of Kaleidoscope ABCs by Marti Michell and the rulers that go with it. I saw the cover quilt on Fons and Porter last week and I'm psyched to make this quilt for Kelly and Braun's wedding quilt. I bought fabrics in brown/gold and brown/blue paisleys for the kaleidoscaopes and other brown, beige, gold and light blue solid reading fabrics. They are all washed and pressed waiting for the delivery. I'm hoping it's there when I get home from school today.

In addition to the quilt, I am making 12 to 14 black and white damask table runners. I tried to sew black satin binding on one yesterday and that won't work! It was full of static in this cold, dry weather, it kept shriveling up under the iron when I tried to press it and was raveling like crazy. Back to the store for some manageable quilting cotton! Add a baby quilt and Kelly's annual class quilt to the list and I'll be very busy sewing for the next few months.
The big day is August 14, 2010....... seven months, 10 days and counting.

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