Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Quilt Kaleidoscopes

Here are four of the kaleidoscope blocks I made this weekend. They are so much fun to make because even if you audition the location on the fabric and choose the motifs, you never know exactly what the block will look like until it is sewn together. The other amazing thing is that the blocks can look like they come from totally different fabrics like the one on the upper right and lower left. On the Fons and Porter show where I first saw this quilt, there was another tip that I tried this weekend. I started sewing on and off a small strip of fabric like the picture on the left. I no longer have a pile of threads next to my machine and I know I'm saving a huge amount of thread and not running out of bobbin thread as quickly. A double bonus!

1 comment:

  1. These are fun blocks. I've made four patch kaleidoscope blocks, but not the triangular ones. You're right, each one is so different and beautiful. For my starter, I use Bonnie Hunter's leaders and enders system, where you are actually sewing another simple scrap quilt, so you aren't wasting any thread at all.