Friday, February 5, 2010

Kindergarten Quilting 2010

Yesterday I made my annual trip to my daughter Kelly's kindergarten class to make a quilt with them. They had already colored in blocks with their names on them on a previous day. During center time, I worked with small groups of kids measuring their own blocks and cutting printed fabric blocks of their choice to put in the quilt.

After centers, I read the book The Quiltmaker's Gift to them. This was my favorite thing to do when I taught preschool and I really enjoyed having the chance to do this again. The culmination of the project was to let the class design the layout of the quilt. Each child got a turn to place their blocks in the layout which is shown below. I'll bring the quilt back when it's finished and they will take turns resting on it throughout the year. Kelly has a drawing in June to see which student will get to take the quilt home and keep it. My high school students are great but this was such a fun break from the seriousness of high school and jaded teenage attitudes!

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