Monday, March 8, 2010

Mancuso Quilt fest of NJ VI

I have been to this show a number of times before but this was the first time on a Saturday. The difference in attendance was really noticeable. The booths were so crowded I could barely move in some of them. It was also very difficult to photograph the quilts I wanted to because there were multiple people in each little stall looking and scrutinizing the workmanship. Here's what I managed to photograph. I apologize to the quilt artists because I didn't have a pen with me to record their names or the titles of the quilts.

This was one of the best in show quilts. I couldn't even get near the other to take a picture.

Naturally I liked this one with the horses and this swirly one still has me wondering how did they do that?

I'm having trouble with formatting. The text will not go where I want it to. The quilt above on the left was like an illuminated manuscript. What an unusual idea! The one on the right was a kaleidoscope quilt similar to the ones I have been obsessed with lately. This one was all 6" blocks where mine have been 10" blocks. Lastly, I was amazed by this forest of trees quilt. The point of view was so innovative, not just looking out at a landscape scene. There were many other quilts that the workmanship would absolutely knock your socks off. Very inspiring! Next one to look forward to is the state show in June.

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