Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding Prep into High Gear!

This is the ring bearer pillow I made yesterday. Everyday now, there is something to do for the shower or the wedding. Last Tuesday, we went into the city to Kleinfeld's for Kelly's first fitting. Luckily, the dress was exactly what we remembered. It has been just about a year since she ordered it. She was really happy and said she likes it even more now than last June. On this trip to Kleinfeld's, we actually got to see some of the people we watch on Say Yes to the Dress every week. Randy, our favorite, actually walked by and said Hello while we were watching Kelly get her fitting. Vera, the head of fitting came in and consulted with our fitter Eleanor about how to adjust the placement of the decoration on the skirt. As we were coming upstairs to leave, we ran into Keisha and then we saw Joan the manager as we were leaving. All in all a very exciting day. Countdown to the Big Day - 6 weeks from tomorrow!

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