Friday, July 13, 2012

Reviving 1950's Bamboo Chairs

My environmentalist colleagues would be very proud of me for rejuvenating these chairs instead of throwing them away. They have been in the house since my husband moved here in 1976 and I think they belonged to the people who built the house in the '50s. I tossed the ugly vinyl and fun fur cushions that were olive green and harvest gold (shades of the Brady Bunch!) I got this beautiful tropical fabric from JoAnn on line with a coupon for 50% off. The wrong side of the fabric is nicer in some ways than the right side! Anyway I made these cushions without a pattern even and polished up the old dusty frames with some Murphy's oil soap and voila! They are worthy of a beautiful hotel in Hawaii. They are destined for the sun room in the shore house in Pt Pleasant.

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