Saturday, June 1, 2013

Longaberger Basket of Apples

This is a small quilt that I designed and made for a colleague of mine when she retired seven years ago. I was quilting then but hadn't started this blog. Mrs. Barbara Nutt is the wonderful teacher I made it for and she was kind enough to offer her beautiful home near MHS so we could have a party for another amazing teacher who is retiring this year, Ms. Susan Turner. Barbara said she put the apple quilt on this sofa and it has been there ever since because she thinks it is just the perfect place for it. It made me feel good to see that she is still enjoying it and I was pleased to see it looked pretty decent construction wise. It was made when I just started and my skills were nowhere near what they are now. My New York Beauty and Mariner's Compass books arrived yesterday and I àm really getting into this paper piecing. It could surprise me and get me over making kaleidoscopes!

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