Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kelly says Yes to the Dress!

Last Thursday my daughters and I went to Kleinfeld's Bridal Salon in the city to shop for Kelly's wedding dress.  We bought Colleen's dress there in February of '07 and we were really excited to go back for Kelly.  We have also become addicts of the reality show Say Yes to the Dress. (I currently have 11 episodes on my TIVO which we watch ad nauseum.)  They were having a trunk show of Jane Wang's designs that day and she did buy one of her gowns.  It was so cool to actually meet the designer.  We got to do this with Colleen's gown too.  
We met Anne Barge and  Colleen purchased one of her dresses for her wedding.  We saw Ronnie and Mara, the owners and a few of the consultants that were on the show.  Sadly, we did not see Randy (our favorite) or Keasha, who we hoped would be our consultant.  Ironically we got Judith, a very sweet, helpful lady who also was our consultant with Colleen's gown.  Here's a picture of "the one."  Next on the agenda will be bridesmaid dresses.  I'll post when we decide on that next.

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