Monday, March 1, 2010

Blue Kaleidoscopes Top Complete

Thanks to 2 back to back snow days which made a 4 day weekend, I was able to finish the top of the blue kaleidoscope pattern. I'm really proud of this quilt because of the construction accuracy I was able to achieve. There is only 1 point that got a little cut off. I am going to wait a little on quilting it because I want to shop for a machine that has a bigger arm to make larger quilts more manageable. I'm going to the Mancuso Quiltfest of New Jersey this weekend to scope out these machines. I just hope I can fit it in between wedding budget items. If anybody has any recommendations for me I'd love your input. Stay tuned for my faves from the show.
These lovely young ladies are Kayla and Alex who were kind enough to hold up the quilt so I could take a picture. Watch for Alex in the future. She has American Idol aspirations. I hope she makes it so I can say I knew her when!

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