Monday, May 17, 2010

Ashley's Beach Wedding

This past Friday, my niece Ashley was married on the beach in Long Branch, N.J. and contrary to what I expected for the middle of May, it was an absolutely gorgeous day. I didn't even have to wear the extra sweater and coat I brought along thinking it would be freezing at the Jersey Shore this time of year. They're a really special couple and I'm so happy for them to have had such awesome weather for their dream wedding on the beach.

Last week I worked on doing the calligraphy on Kelly's invitations. I originally taught myself to do this when I got married in 1980 (in the Dark Ages) and I did it for Colleen two years ago. Here's a sample and one of the invitations. I guess my other daughter Colleen was ahead of her time. Her color scheme was black and cream and all we could find then were black and white invitations. Now Kelly needed black and white damask and all they had was black and cream! I think they're beautiful anyway and I don't think anyone will notice that the difference by the time of the wedding. Fourteen weeks to go, fitting at Kleinfeld's on June 29th and planning the shower is next on the agenda.

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