Monday, August 9, 2010

Final Visit to Kleinfeld's

On Friday, Kelly and I went into the city for our last visit to Kleinfeld's to bring home her wedding gown. This time we not only saw Randy, we got to take a picture with him. We were also there with Paul Jr.'s fiance of American Chopper. She was having her final fitting for her wedding the week after Kelly's. I recognized her Mom from the episode of Say Yes to the Dress that was on a couple of weeks ago. Ironically, when I finally got home after a long, exhausting day, Say Yes to The Dress was recording on my TV. I felt like I had been in an episode myself for most of the day. We got there at noon and didn't leave with the dress until 5:30. Only 4 days to go, I can't believe it will be here and gone before I know it and then I don't have anymore daughters to go to Kleinfeld's with!

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