Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The wedding exceeded my wildest dreams! The weather could not have been more beautiful, Kelly looked absolutely stunning and the Donald was there! There were three particularly memorable moments. The first was when Kelly and my husband drove up in the horse and carriage with the sun starting to set behind them, it literally took my breath away.

Number 2 was when she whipped out the champion ribbon she won at the horse show that morning from under her skirt and gave it to Braun during their vows.

And last but not least was talking to Donald Trump as we were waiting to go into the ballroom. I thought I missed him earlier on, but he kept coming back. He actually stood on the hill at the back and watched the whole ceremony. I was really touched and honored by that. These are not so great pictures that a guest took but they're all I have at the moment. More to come!

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