Monday, August 2, 2010

It's almost here!

Less than two weeks to the wedding! I'm getting really excited but I'm remembering the letdown I felt after Colleen's wedding was all over and there was nothing to look forward to. It's like the way you feel on Christmas night times ten! I'm hoping it won't be as bad this time since I know it will be coming. I'm also hoping having back to school and our snorkel trip to the Keys in November will offset the withdrawal. These are the favors on which I have to tie 120 bows on the boxes this week.

Tuesday is the florist, Thursday is the caterer and Friday is my last visit to Kleinfeld's in New York to pick up her gown. I tried to take a picture of the embellishment on the skirt and train of her dress. I hope it shows up. Only 12 days to go!

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