Monday, October 4, 2010

Acquiring new knitting skills

I have been in another knitting frenzy lately and I now know how to do both two color knitting and knit on double pointed needles. I always thought this was so difficult but it really isn't so bad and it enables you to make really interesting things. I tried some easy fair isle patterns and thought why couldn't I use the same technique to put graphics on a hat for my daughter who is a tennis coach. I started the hat on circular needles and switched to double pointed when the decreases made it too small for the circular. Since it wasn't as difficult as I thought, I got brave and started to make the matching mittens which are entirely done on double pointed needles. I really love the fair isle color patterns because they remind me of quilt block designs. It is also much less boring to make things with color changes. I keep going to see what it will look like. I wonder how long this knitting phase will keep me away from the sewing machine.

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