Thursday, November 18, 2010

More knitting projects

I can't believe I've gone 6 weeks without posting. I've been so overwhelmed with planning at school and my tutoring schedule. I now remember why I tried to limit my tutoring a few years ago so I could quilt. I haven't been near my machine in weeks! These are the knitting projects I have been working on. I started the fair isle scarf after teaching myself to do color work in August. Unfortuneately, I got a call from my brother in California that his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Feeling very unable to help from so far away, I immediately started working on this prayer shawl for her. The yarn is a beautiful shade and the yarn is a very soft Alpaca blend. I hope she can wear it for comfort in the hospital while she gets her chemo treatments.

Next weekend is Thanksgiving break from school and I plan to sew all weekend. Projects on tap: my green and blue patchwork shirt, Kelly and Braun's wedding quilt and a hankie pillow a colleague of mine asked me to make for her. If the weather's good I hope to get in some extra running and riding too.

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