Thursday, December 16, 2010

Addicted to knitting mittens

I used to think of myself as a quilter who does other crafts once in a while to re-energize and combat boredom. However, lately I think I'm becoming a knitter who also quilts. After making these mittens for Colleen to go with her tennis racket hat, I am obsessed with mittens and knitting in general. These were so fun and quick to make. They started out having yellow stripes on just the cuffs, but then I got the idea to make the hand part of the mitten look like a bee's body since the mascot for her school is a hornet. I'm really proud of how they turned out especially the evenness of the stiches. I have four or five other ideas to make for other people in different designs. I started making a pair of shark mittens, without a pattern I might add, just from seeing a picture on the internet. They are a Christmas gift for one of the boys I tutor in reading. What 10 year old boy wouldn't love a pair of shark mittens?

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