Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kindergarten Quilt IV

This past Monday, I took advantage of one of my Spring Break days to spend it quilting with my daughter Kelly's kindergarten class. In the past, I have only spent a half day with them, but this year we were able to even start sewing the quilt top together. In the morning the kids colored their blocks, I read "The Quilt Maker's Gift" to them and in the afternoon, they designed the layout and helped me start piecing. This year, I left the muslin squares on the freezer paper while sewing, as in paper piecing. The assembly was much easier and much more accurate. Here is a picture of the completed quilt top and some of the classroom shots. As much as I love going back to the little kids, (I did it for the first 8 years of my teaching career) I couldn't do it in my 50's. Getting up off the floor after sitting for 30 minutes wasn't easy. It sucks to get old!

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