Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chuppah Nearing Completion

My friend Joan urged me to update my blog because her sister who is the Mother of the Bride that the chuppah is being made for is getting nervous. Having been in her shoes at this time last year myself, I can certainly sympathize with her. I haven't posted anything new, not because I haven't sewn anything, quite the opposite. I have been so busy sewing, I haven't had the time to post. This past weekend was very productive with the extra day off. This coming week will be finishing up all the separate pieces. The time consuming applique work is done. The following week will be assembling all the elements which won't take alot of time but will be somewhat cumbersome due to the sheer size of the chuppah. So final completion target date is June 15th and I am right on track for that.

This is the end of the front panel with the Hebrew letters that say "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." The side panels are all bound in the gold satin that was used for the letters. Unfortuneately my digital camera died as I was transferring this image so I can't post the 4 completed hanging pieces with the grape vines or the closeup of the quilting on the pomegranate side panels. I'll get a new camera today and post more later this week. Don't worry Mom, it's going to be awesome. I hope you get as amazing a day as I had for my daughter Kelly's wedding last August and I can't wait to see the pictures!

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  1. Mom not all that worried, just anxious to see the final product and show it off at the upcoming wedding...