Monday, May 9, 2011

Pomegranates for the Chuppah

I spent most of Mother's Day doing one of my favorite things, sewing. It was also a way to connect with my Mom's spirit since she is the one who taught me to sew almost 50 years ago. I was able to complete most of the pomegranates that will be on the side flaps of the chuppah. There will be three total along each side and I have beads to embellish them with after the panels are quilted. I may also add some embroidery to them with the new machine that should be coming today or tomorrow. I decided to do these in sections which made it much more manageable to applique than the grapevines. Now it's time to put it all together and quilt!

Kentucky Derby Update - Rosie only finished 9th but she gave the horse a great ride. The news says the horse bled which is when race horses rupture tiny blood vessels in their lungs when they race. He's headed for the Haskell at Monmouth Park right here in New Jersey in July. I hate Haskell Day because it's such a zoo but for Rosie I would brave the crowds.

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  1. It looks amazing!! We are very excited and grateful for your hard work to make this special for our day. Thank you!!!

    The bride (Nina) and the groom (Kwaku)!!